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By Mike Pearson 10 Nov, 2016

Since made its debut a month-and-a-half ago (Sept. 23), we’ve learned a lot about our nearly 2,000 unique visitors.

An in-depth analysis of the website’s statistics tell us much of what we thought we knew.

1)   THEY LOVE OUR “OLD-SCHOOL” APPROACH TO SPORTS. There is no breaking news on, just features that seem to unlock their childhood memory banks.

2)   THEY ENJOY OUR VIDEO SPORTS PUZZLES. From “Sports WHOzzles” to “Sports Match-Ups” to “Sports Scramblers”, our visitors like to test their sports trivia skills.

3)   THEY’RE INTRIGUED BY OUR “MY SPORTS LIST” FEATURE. It’s the third most popular stop overall. We’ll attempt to have a bigger sampling of these lists in the future. We've already tapped into a lot of sports celebrities and are awaiting their lists.

4)   THERE ARE A LOT OF FOLKS THAT COLLECT (OR COLLECTED) BASEBALL CARDS. This has been the most popular video feature on, so we’ll continue to debut a new “Cardboard Treasures” video every week. We’d love to hear more from you about your personal collections.

5)   SPARTAN AND ILLINI FANS LOVE THEIR TEAMS. Since I was a member of the Michigan State and Illinois sports publicity staffs, history about those two sports programs are my strong suits. For our visitors from mid-Michigan, we’ll continue to debut new “Spartifacts” articles every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (No. 2 in popularity) and “Who’s That Spartan?” videos every week. Our Champaign-Urbana visitors will get new “Illini Legends, Lists & Lore” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (No. 4), and also “Who’s That Illini?” videos each week.

6)   The No. 1 destination for unique visitors on SportsLLL is our “Cool Stuff” store. We’ll have some BIG news about “Cool Stuff” in the very near future.

As indicated earlier, we’ll have some news next week about how we’re going to expand our SportsLLL features.

As always, thanks for visiting


Born on November 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th are these sports stars:

•THURSDAY: Happy 64th Birthday to the Big Ten Network’s Gerry DiNardo.

• FRIDAY: Vinny Testaverde turns 53 on Nov. 11th.

• SATURDAY: Happy 62nd Birthday to sportscaster Al Michaels.

• SUNDAY: Former Michigan basketball star Rumeal Robinson celebrates his 50th birthday.
By Mike Pearson 02 Nov, 2016

It’s the pinnacle experience that American sports fans love. Championship game seven.

And, in case you haven’t heard, there’s one of these magical events scheduled for tonight in Cleveland. The Cubs and the Indians face off at Cleveland’s Progressive at 8:08 p.m. ET.

If you’re counting, this is the 38th game seven in World Series history.

Amaze your friends with this other game seven trivia:

• It’s been 31 years since a team has come back from a 3-to-1 deficit to win the World Series. That was George Brett’s ’85 Kansas City Royals.

• It’s been 37 years since a team has climbed out of a 3-to-1 hole to win game five at home, then claim victories in games six and seven on the road. That happened when the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates rebounded against the Baltimore Orioles. That scenario also took place in 1968 (Tigers winning at St. Louis) and 1958 (Yankees winning at Milwaukee).

• The biggest scoring margin in a World Series game seven has been 11 runs. That happened in both 1934 (St. Louis over Detroit, 11-0) and ’85 (Kansas City over St. Louis, 11-0).

• Of the 37 previous game sevens, 14 contests resulted in just a one-run margin.

• In 1926, game seven of the World Series ended when Babe Ruth was caught stealing.

• In 1946, the Cardinals’ Enos Slaughter scored the winning run following a mad dash from first base.

• Jackie Robinson played his final Major League game in game seven of the 1956 World Series.

• Bill Mazeroski slammed a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning in the seventh and deciding game of the 1959 Series.

• The only time a game seven ended on a pop-up to the catcher was in 1968 when the Tigers’ Bill Freehan successfully handled the result of Tim McCarver’s unsuccessful swing.

• Jack Morris pitched all 10 innings of a 1-0 Twins game seven victory over Atlanta.


Born on November 2nd are these sports stars: back-to-back no-hitter pitcher Johnny VanderMeer (d. 1997), Willie McGee (58) and Columbian baseball star Orlando Cabrera (42).

By Mike Pearson 31 Oct, 2016

It’s Halloween, that day when Trick-or-Treaters come to your door, often dressed as sports stars.

I wonder if October 31st was especially fun for these Halloween-themed sports stars when they were youngsters:

 • Did the late race car driver Dick Trickle scream “Trickle or Treat”?

 • Did former NBA star Marcellus Williams instinctively turn around when some yelled “Boo”?

 • A defensive end named Frank Steen played one season for the Green Bay Packers. I wonder … were his parents tempted to give him a middle name that started with "N"?

 • Longtime NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey has a great Halloween name.

 • Though he wasn’t called “The Galloping Ghost” by Grantland Rice until he was an Illini sophomore, Red Grange epitomizes Halloween.

 • Did former Raiders tackle Rory Graves get teased on October 31st when he was a kid?

 • Did longtime coach Hal Mumme ever get dressed up as a … you know?

 • Same with former NFLer John Skelton?

 • I wonder if Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon ever was nicknamed “Full” Moon?

 • Little Spud Webb had to have dressed up as a spider at least once as a kid, right?

 • Though they never made it to the big leagues, former minor leaguers Cedric and George Wolfman had perfect Halloween names.

 • Trick-or-Treaters nowadays must love to visit former Pirates pitcher John Canderlaria’s house on October 31st. After all, he’s the “Candy Man”.


 Born on Halloween—October 31st—were these sports stars: former Orioles pitcher Dave McNally (d. 2002) … marathon standout Frank Shorter (69) … Alabama coach Nick Saban (65) … NBA guard John Lucas (63) … coach Doc Rivers (55) … baseball’s Fred McGriff (53) … and basketball’s Antonio Davis (48).

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